Control systems

for solar trackers

High quality and experience that maximize your return on investment

3.9% higher production

Independent assessment shows that with our control system you can produce 3.9% more energy than competitors. This means about 70.000 €/MW additional profit in 20 years.

High reliability

Our products are designed to last. Track record of more than 100 installation without a single failure.

Simple maintenance

Our products are designed to be easy to maintain. For example, it is possible to replace the battery without completely disassemble the unit.

Multiple power options

We offer TCU (tracker control units) in the following options:
Grid powered, Self powered, String powered.

Flexible motor options

We are able to control classic brushed DC motors, AC motors or brushless motors on request.

Web based SCADA

Control your solar plant with trough our intuitive web interface that run on the local embedded webserver.

Wireless mesh communication

Our wireless mesh communication ensures the communication between TCUs and the meteo station.


Back-tracking avoid the mutual shading between rows during sunset and sunrise to boost the energy output from the solar plant.

Light optimization tracking

Our unique solution employs an optional light sensor that automatically optimize the position of the solar trackers to extend motor life and increase energy output.


Tracker control unit (TCU)

Control the movements of one solar tracker and communicates wirelessly to the SPS and MET

Solar plant server (SPS)

Provides a modern and intuitive user interface to operate and administrate the solar trackers.

Meteo station

Read the wind speed, wind direction and notify the TCUs and SPS.

Control and remote monitoring (SCADA)


  • It is impressive what Startak has been able to provide.

    Jose R.A, CTO AXIAL
  • People from Startak has always been very collaborative and we are satisfied of their products.

    Domenico Acri, CEO Acri Group
  • The Startak Sun tracking system is working well, and does what it is supposed to do: follow the Sun every day.

    M. Vicentini, CTO Ronda SpA


We collaborate with our customers to deliver successful solar parks.

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