Our products are the most cost effective and reliable Sun tracking control systems on the market for large solar power plants.
The system is made of three basic units: Tracker control unit (TCU), Sun position server (SPS) and meteo station (MET).

Tracker control unit

The tracker control unit is responsible to control the tracker movements by means of the integrated inclinometer and the powerful motor control output.

The TCU is available in three versions:

  • Grid powered for 24 Vdc 10 A motors.
  • Grid powered for 230 V  single phase induction motors.
  • Self powered for 24 Vdc 6 A motors.

The motor power consumption as well as the battery state of charge are accurately measured to early detect mechanical problems and ageing.

Sun position server

The Sun position server calculates the tracker position for the specific time, date, geographical coordinates, tracker geometry and spacing with 0.0003° accuracy by use of a powerful dual core
240 MHz processor.

The SPS also run an internal webserver from which it is possible to monitor and control any tracker of the solar plant.

The router of the solar plant can be connected to the Sun position server to allow remote access and data logging.

Meteo station

Our meteo station support two cup anemometers, one wind vane, and a snow height, temperature and humidity sensor.
Each solar tracking control unit receives the wind speed measured by one or more meteo stations and decide whether to go into stow position based on the wind speed.
The snow height sensor measure the snow level on the ground by means of a ultrasonic sensor, which also measure air temperature and humidity to compensate for varying sound speed.

We can provide our meteo stations with instruments and accessory steel parts.

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