Our mission is to help solar tracker manufacturers and solar plant owners to achieve their sales/energy production goals by providing a system to control the solar trackers in a hassle free, user friendly and reliable manner, for the life of the solar plant.

Your benefits

  • Increased energy production (high system availability, quick and automatic recover from faults, meticulous remote monitoring to predict motor failures before they happen).
  • Reduced complexity (we already took care about it, so you can focus to what’s important to you)
  • Simple installation and user friendly operation.
  • Customer support available from 8 am to 8 pm.

Unique product features

  • Self forming and self organizing radio Mesh network.
  • Mesh to router communication is WiFi, no need of optic fibers.
  • Motor current monitoring.
  • Web based user interface for O&M.
  • Rugged “Operator terminal” for in-situ O&M.


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